Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lubricate my camshaft

Damn... Haven't written in my blog for ages. Home.... Let's see what's new.... Nothing going on right now, still a start of a new day if you wanna call a late morning a new day =)
I was up and early yesterday morning, bringing my bro to work then having to go out and get some groceries and a little lube for my car.
I gave my car some mobil 1 motor oil, usually I go for the Amsoil but... I didn't have enough flow. I just needed something that'll survive 6 month's of the harsh winters Winnipeg is going to throw down on my car. I hate changing the oil filter on my car, it's conviently crambed right behind the block under the intake manifold. It gets uncomfortably hot when I get to close to it, but this time I used 10% of my brain and put on a glove. Everything came out like a snap except the glove got stuck between the intake manifold and some other wires and crap in the car. After a little wiggle and tug I eventually got it out. Getting the new filter on was a bitch because I couldn't see where the thread lines up with the filter. So I just has to feel it out, it's like trying to put a over sized dick inside a tight pussy in the dark. It's there, you can feel it, but it just won't go in.

Once I got it in and all tightended up, I pluged the oil hole back and dumbed some thick juice in it. This things takes oil like a champ, I put in 4.4L of oil in this thing but I think I overfilled it... I just checked the manual and it says it only takes 4 quarts... I did a conversion and 4 quarts is eqivalant to 3.7 liters... I better go drain some oil haha.

In the Evening I went to a birthday party, a small one at a Buffet. We ate at the Royal Fork Buffet and boy did the food ever suck. They must of cover all there food in bread crums cause I was full after two plates. A lot of things tasted watered down. The only good thing was the fries and fried chicken everything else was crap. I got introduced to my cousin's bf's sister and my aunt's bf. One was tall and skinny and the other was tall and big. On the way home in Norman's truck playing beats with a lot of bass... damn it felt good kinda like getting a massage from the inside hahaha. We stopped by at the Jeffereson tree cause Leng Leng and CJ wanted to see if there was ghosts there. We drove up right beside and I was staring right at the tree and the branch where that lady was hung. That tree was freaky, it was the biggest tree there... I wanted to go and hug it. Stupid Norman tried doing donuts around the area but couldn't do it. I thought I saw a little boy in the distance but it was just some dead end sign post. When we got back I drove Allan home, picked up my mom, then went home.

I'm running outta time so I have to cut things short =p

Baby... sorry. I love you.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

When your mad

Yes! Finally I have my headset =D Bluetooth rocks! I can walk around my house without any wires while I talk to my gurl =)

My Babie sounds so cute =) Now I know what she means when there's a difference between talking over the phone and in person. She what happened, you didn't dry your hair then you got hot... =( I wanted to be there to cool you down. I still wonder why you told me to remember this panda. I'll remember that panada just like how I always remember how much of an amazing girl I have. I'm lovin you so much always <3

Saturday, April 22, 2006

All for you

All The blue text I enter is my blog will be about my baby Bubble Tea =)

Listening to your voice again. I love it. I heard you sing and I heard you giggle & laugh =D
Anh yu em Bubbles Tea! ^_^

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Letting go

Mood: ....
Listening to: Yuzo Koshiro - Stream of Tears

Currently at: Bed

My cuz had to say bye to his gf yesterday evening because she went off to the Philippines with her family. She'll be gone for a month attending her uncle's funeral and I guess having fun too. I wasen't at the airport to witness my cousin crying but I know he did.

Makes me wonder if I can handle it if I have to say bye bye to my gf for a month... oh shit... Summer... going to Vietnam...

I'm going to feel so empty inside... I'm gonna miss her so much =(

Monday, April 10, 2006

SeXi MaMi

Mood: Waiting for my Mami
Listening to: Hotei vs. Rip Slyme - Battle Funkastic (This song rocks)

Currently at: At my bed, my arm fell so numb XD

My weekend was very boring, I didn't even go out at all XD I just stayed home trying to perfect the chowmein I try to keep making, working out, and all the other small things, like eating and sleeping. Damn I need a life XD

Damn where is she? I can't stop thinking about her =D
I can't help myself from smiling everytime I talk to her =)

I love my Bubble Tea =D

I better get some sleep now... so late again XD

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Let loose the Juice!

Mood: Happy =D
Listening to: Hotei vs. Rip Slyme - Battle Funkastic

Currently at: Sitting at my desk

Yesterday during the lunch hour I went to pick up my cousins so we could chill for awhile. We went to Mc Donalds Drive through to get some Double hamburgars. I wanted to get a Whopper at Burgar King but Allan was the "Mc Deal, King Deal day" guy. He kept schooling us with the prices and everything... The kink deal that day was fish. I could went for some fish, I'm sick of eating cow, I want something that has already been marinated in a pool full of all kinds of disgusting things =)

I ordered six double hamburgers and damn those things are small. I ate two and it still didn't fill my up. At the drive through we saw some guy throwing his coke cup still filled with coke at the fence. That big little fat boy thinking hes all gangster, I wanted to get outta my car and stomp his ass along with my cousins but the drive through was so narrow that I couldn't even open my doors XD We just joked about it =) That fat boy still pisses me off.

While we were at Fernald's Apartment we ate the burgars, played socom II online, and I versed Allan to some arm wrestling XD Damn... he is still weaker then Fernald... and I thought he would have got stronger from the workouts he has been doing. Lol He's been talking smack thinking he could beat me in arm wrestling, well that's what I heard from Fernald before. So I thought it would have been fun to call him out =) Besides his my cuz XD

Fear my tiny arms!! Rawr! XD

I want some Bubble Tea!! >_<

Friday, April 07, 2006

Early Bird

Mood: Getting Ready
Listening to: Ayumi Hamasaki

Currently at: Chilling on teh Bed

I forgot to make an entry yesterday... damn I was so tired. I was ready to start typing but I felt like closing my eyes for awhile trying to get a 10 minute nap... which turned into a 3 hour nap... I could feel the laptop's heat transfering onto my back which woke me up XD

Yesterday was pretty shitty, I was tailing some chubby filipino dude in a convertable Honda S2000. He was a jumpy little driver and so impatient. Blowing by every car that was in his way, and when he was behind two cars blocking him he would tail them so close and keep driving left and right trying to pressure them to move. I wanted to rear end him and destroy his little pride and joy =)
I saw him again at the car wash drying his car, he look like a short little maget japanese wanna be.

I was at the car wash to try and get the shit moldings and emblems off my car, I got them off already but some of the adhesive tape is still stuck to the body. The old retarted owners of my car used a very strong super cement like glue on one of the moldings... ripped off some of the paint when I removed it XD And the glue is still stuck on the car... oh well XD

I tried removing the hubcaps with a crowbar because I thought they would just pop off... but then I found out you have to remove the lug nuts to get it off. WTF!?! Who would want to steal hub caps?! So I left the hub caps on for now because the lug nuts look like dicks sticking outta the steel rim of my car without the hubcap on XD I need to make a run at the junk yard and grab myself a few lugs.

Work wasen't that great, Kinda boring actually. But my boss did give me ingredients to make chow mein and all for $500 including a huge forzen block of cooked noodles, a lot of vegtables, and of course bean sprouts.

I tried making some when I got home from work. Put the cooked noodles in the oven sprinkling a bit of oil over the noodles before it went in. Heated up the wok, chopped some garlic and threw it in the wok with some oil. While I was letting the garlic brown, I chopped all the vegtables including carrots, brocolli, green bell pepper, mushroom, and celery. I threw it all in the wok, stir frying it all together. I flipped the cooked noodle so that the bottom would get crunchy too. In a small bowl I had water and I mixed in sweet flour rice (I was supposed to use Tapioca flour but then I didn't have any, so I had to improvise) I mixed it well, then added pepper and soy sause. I poured it with the vegtables and the thing just started to thickin up like crazy (I put to much sweet rice flour XD) So I had to dilute it with water, then it turned out fine. I took out the cooked noodle, put it on the stove top, then poured the vegtables with the sausce over the noodles, mixing it well after.

When I tried it... lol the sause had no taste XD I guess using the right flour counts XD And I forgot to add the bean sprouts =_= It turned out pretty crappy, the sausce had no taste and the brocolli was still kind of hard. I should have steamed it before I put it in. I'm going to work on the sauce next time. I need to ask my cousin how he cooked up his chow mein, his sauce was hella good and I don't mean "his sauce" =)

Time to go workout =D

Damn... I miss her again... mabye I can't do this...